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TruSculpt: Best Fast Burning Biohack

Let’s be honest, life sometimes gets in the way of maintaining optimal fitness. Big things like postpartum and midlife hormonal changes can make taming the FUPA, busting back fat, or slimming down love handles and thighs feel like climbing Everest. Even getting sidelined by a minor injury in the gym or your job/home life can get so crazy that, not only your entire schedule, but your whole body blows up. Those setbacks can rob any good woman of hard-won strength. That’s when a biohack is a girl’s best friend.

Photo Courtesy KELZPR


What if I said you could lay on the physician's table for an hour and stand up physically stronger right away, appearing more slender over 12 weeks? You’d call it bullshit, right? UNLESS… someone you know and trust, like another working mom who makes her living in front of the camera like I do, who you know would never risk her health on any crazy or invasive procedures told you about TruSculptFlex and TruSculptID.

TruSculpt is a suite of next-level technology cleared for use by the FDA, respectively used for building sculpted muscles and melting away excess fat diet and exercise-resistant area of the body. When I heard I could reach my goals with no downtime, no needles, no meds, and no aftercare required, how could I say “No”? Plus, if you know me, you know I’m always down for a beauty adventure.

Here’s what happened…

Me & Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo Photo KELZPR


Once I filled out the health questionnaire, the wonderful Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo explained the science behind the 15-minute procedure.

TruScupltID’s design uses the proprietary technology 2MHZ monopolar radiofrequency energy to melt away fat. What that means is that individual heat emitting paddles are placed on target areas. A grounding pad (like a big wet gel pack) is affixed to the center of your back to maintain electrical connectivity, and the entire area to be treated is wrapped up in a thick sheet of clear latex.

Illustration courtesy of Cutera

Once the nurse wraps you up like a cosmetic procedure burrito, then what? A lot of heat, that’s what. Precisely placed paddles maintain a maximum temperature of a uniform 104 F on the skin’s surface, up to 118.4F below the skin’s surface, penetrating the deepest layers of subcutaneous fat.

When I heard I could reach my goals with no downtime, no needles, no meds, and no aftercare required, how could I say “No”?"

Dr. O, (that’s what everybody calls her) stayed with me throughout the procedure and controlled the temperature the entire time. Coping required taking a lot of deep breaths. I pride myself on being tough, but I had to ask the doctor to turn off the heat a little a few times before we went back up to max temperatures. Temperature can be quickly increased or, most importantly, quickly decreased based on individual tolerance. Most of the heat is pleasant, and for a moment, it feels like the moment when test-touch your iron with your finger to see if it’s ready - that’s how fast it cools down. Fast as the TruSclptID session is, it takes 12 weeks to see clinically reported average results of 24% fat cell reduction. Over a 12-week period, the body naturally secretes the permanently damaged nonfunctioning fat cells.

Illustration courtesy of Cutera

TruSculpt works on so many areas of the body, from chin to calves. My problem areas are hips, belly, and thighs - it’s the only place that fat goes and stays on my body without extreme exercise and a very restrictive diet.

Listen, I’m not fooling myself or anyone here by thinking that any cosmetic procedure, or exercise routine, for that matter, works without a healthy, well-rounded diet and mindful eating. At this point in my life, I’m not willing to engage in extreme exercise or calorie restriction. I need balance to help achieve results, and I’m happy with the slimming effect I’ve seen after the first treatment, I’m planning on another round.

What’s it going to cost you? Approximately $2,250 per 15-minute treatment area, which varies by geographic location and provider.


Photo MCWXCreative

TruSculptFlex is literally like a muscle-making machine. Much like its fat zapping sister, TruSculptID, TruSculptFlex uses the same modality of placing paddles on the skin to carry electrical current deep into the muscles you want to strengthen and tone. Given a choice of treating up to 8 areas at once, as opposed to only 2 areas at a time, common among competing technologies in this category like the popular EmSculpt machines with its limited range that can make achieving results a lot more time consuming, and TBH costly.

I chose to address my lower abdomen, which has never had the same strength since my 2 c-sections compounded by an overwhelming schedule with so much time chained to a chair pecking away at a keyboard. I started to feel like a chicken at a feeding trough - my energy slumped, my gym routine flew the coop, and my butt and thighs paid the price. Depressing. That’s why a little biohack like TruSculptFlex is the perfect mother’s helper for this kind of situation when you need to hold your ground, helping you find the motivation to get back on track.

TruSculptFlex works by globally stimulating targeted muscle groups from multiple directions at once using three different and progressively intense modes of electrical current stimulation emitted from the paddles. Again, the doctor was with me the entire time, regulating the intensity.

Like any good workout, the warm-up is pleasant, giving way to leaving you praying for more endorphins to get you to the end of the session.

First up, “Prep Mode” gently stretches and twists the muscles. “Tone Mode” is designed to simulate doing 20,0000 squats, crunches, obliques, or lats per minute than the body or mind is capable of performing or comprehending - it’s like being a cyborg. The machine enables your body to build strength without getting fatigued, helping to avoid injury because your joints aren’t bearing weight while performing the exercises.

“Sculpt Mode,” though, is the killer when it comes to feeling the burn and getting the muscle-building job done. Imagine doing super-quick deep crunches as fast and furiously as a Navy Seal, but you’re laying still on a treatment table literally watching the machine contract your muscles. You feel the burn without getting burnt out.

About 36 hours later, I looked in the mirror, and I swore it was like my behind had taken an elevator up the back of my thigh and had moved up towards the small of my back.

In total, I had spent an hour at the physician’s office for both treatments. I walked out of there and right onto the set for a fashion shoot, then to a tv interview without any fatigue, pain, or visible marks anywhere on my body.


The morning after the treatments, my abs and glutes were sore - like I had run a marathon sore- but without the kind of typical lower back and knee swelling and tenderness after that level of exercise. Did I look any smaller or more muscular? No, I didn’t.

Photo MCWXCreative

What I noticed about a day and a half later, was that the skin in all of the treated areas looked tighter and smoother, especially the stretch marks on my thighs and hips, which can be a residual effect of the procedure. About 36 hours later, I looked in the mirror, and I swore it was like my behind had taken an elevator up the back of my thigh and had moved up towards the small of my back. The suggested course of treatment is a package of 4-6 sessions for TruSculptFlex spaced 48 hours apart.

The price for the sessions is approximately $2,500-3,000 in total depending on treatment area, geography and provider.

Photo MCWXCreative

I’m super happy with the results. I feel stronger and more refreshed. It’s also changed the way I workout since I’m not obligated to constantly do punishing strength training workouts to reach my fitness goals. I’m having more fun training now because of the helpful boost from TruSculptFlex’s strengthening effect. I’m also more confident of my abilities to perform in the gym and less worried about repetitive exercise injuries since TruSculpt Flex did a lot of the heavy lifting for me in advance.

I feel like I’m much farther ahead when it comes to meeting and conquering new mind/body goals. Oh yeah, and my thighs and waist and belly got a lot firmer and smaller way faster using TruSculpt treatments than I would have in the same amount of time on my own.

To learn more, ask your dermatologist or go to


This is a paid partnership with Cutera, Inc. All services mentioned in this post were provided gratis to for promotional consideration.

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