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It’s All About The Neck

If you woke-up one day, and suddenly your well-cared-for face was attached to a dry stringy looking chicken neck: I. FEEL. YOUR. PAIN. It can happen to everybody - even supermodels. People, myself included, take the delicate skin of our neck for granted until the damage is done.

Back in the ’90s when I was in my 20’s modeling in Paris, my first salon facial was a life lesson. “Cherie!” my aesthetician cooed as she kneaded anti-aging serums from my forehead to the tip of my sternum: “In France, we say your face stops below the breasts, not your chin!”. My midwestern ears took that in, but with the privileges bestowed on youthful skin, I forgot her words as quickly as the products penetrated my skin. Flash forward to my 50’s, post-kids, post-menopause, add-on 30 plus years of balancing workout mornings and red wine nights, and suddenly - Quelle horror! Everything's in pretty damn good shape - except my neck.

No matter what your age, I’ve learned, it’s never too early to treat the skin of your neck, because, unlike our facial skin, there are no oil glands in the neck. Nashville dermatologist Dr. Natalie M. Curcio MD, MPH councils, “SPF is a must”. The majority of our sun exposure is not from a day at the beach; but during morning commutes, screen time yields significant UV rays, or, if you work next to a window the sun, slowly, takes its toll. Dr. Curcio advises, “Patients who are 40 plus may want to start a neck cream for anti-aging that contains defensins.” Defensins are “smart” products, a type of molecule, that improves fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and excess pigmentation.” Most dermatologists concur - even if you’re not ready to invest in another product just yet, include treating your neck as part of your daily anti-aging routine. Dr. Curcio’s says, “DefenAge 6-Week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream contains the same advanced molecules”. DefenAge’s fragrance-free formula is doubly advisable because even natural fragrant oils like musk and lavender are potential endocrine disrupters. Formaldehyde can form as a by-product of adding scents to cosmetics and treatment products. FDA regulations only require manufacturers to list raw ingredients on the label, but not the resulting outcome of the chemical interaction of those ingredients. For clean-beauty conscious consumers, fragrance-free barrier creams and serums should be at the top of the list. This is especially important for the neck area which is a major pathway to the lymph system and given that targeted neck creams should be used “both day and night” advises Dr. Curcio. Personally, the more clean beauty products in my life the better.

One more dermatologist recommended /supermodel-approved hack: sleep with a silk pillowcase to protect neck, skin, and hair. I’ll let Dr. Curcio give you the science: “Silk’s smooth surface means less friction on the skin compared to cotton pillowcases,” and is less apt to absorb moisture and create fine lines.” DefenAge’s Luxe Beauty Skincare Kit has everything you need for that in one place. You’re welcome. Merci!


Originally posted at DefenAge's Website.

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