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My Daily Hair Restoration Routine

Stimulating hair and skin growth, especially as our bodies change over time, works best from the inside out. A diet rich in Omega 3 oils, fruits, legumes, and protein-packed foods helps to strengthen hair and retain the hair you’ve already got.

Hair loss is something I’ve been battling since my 20’s years. Respect for curly textured hair was not part of the culture when I was growing up - we wore our hair in tight braids during the week and pressed our hair with hot combs heated on the stove for Saturday socials and Sunday school.

The glorious mane you see me swinging when I strut down the runway or captured on the set of a fashion shoot is not the hair I have IRL. But I’m working on it.

Thirty years of extreme hairstyling while working as a supermodel has taken a significant toll on the health of my hair. Add to that that my grandmother had female pattern baldness (she made her wigs out of hair rescued from a hairbrush), and you’ve got a perfect storm for hair loss.

Slowing hair loss and stimulating new growth happens from the inside out. Foods rich in Omega-3 oils, fruits, plenty of vegetables, and lots of protein help to strengthen and keep your existing hair. Adding in a daily regimen of supplements, scalp massage, and microcurrent stimulation can help slow the appearance of thinning hair.

My daily routine for hair restoration goes like this.

Omega-3 oil in a shake or Omega-3 enriched eggs for breakfast. I limit coffee because caffeine contributes to stress and an acidic environment in the digestive tract. I drink a coffee substitute made from mushrooms (lion's mane coffee).

Viviscal Pro, a hair growth vitamin that’s been around for decades and recommended by the best hairdressers, nutritionists, and dermatologists worldwide, is essential for maintaining healthy hair and nails.

I take two with a shot of aloe vera juice which also wakes your brain up. Although it may not be as fast as coffee, you at least don’t get the coffee crash or sleeplessness associated with drinking coffee.

Scalp massage is totally vital to hair health and growth is a good scalp massage every time you wash your hair.

Love this so much! Use it when you shampoo to deep clean your scalp unblocking pores, and freeing-up hair follicles for growth. Deep conditioning hair with the massager is pure heaven.

If you’re looking for a thickening, volumizing shampoo and conditioner, Thicker Fuller. an old-school drugstore brand is the truth.

Want thicker-looking hair but prefer a clean formula? Love Beauty and Planet makes some of my favorite affordable luxury products.

Keeping your scalp nourished with essential oils is wisdom as old as the pharaohs. My favorites are Clary Sage and Rosemary oils.

Either massage them in with your fingers or use a massage brush. Use 6 drops of each in a carrier oil like coconut or vitamin E oil. Your scalp will thank you.

Inferred light therapy to treat thinning hair costs a pretty penny at the doctor’s office and truly works best when done every other day. Let’s face it, who’s got that kind of time and money? Top New York City dermatologist and plastic surgeon and trichologist Dr. Michelle Henry recommended buying a personal inferred device for treatments every other day.

iRestore laser cap is a bang for your buck. It’s still expensive at $450.00 - $515.00 but treats a lot of the head at once with a high enough concentration of lasers to be effective.

HairMax Headband is the Rolls Royce of laser hair regrowth treatments. Women and men tend to experience hair loss differently. Male pattern baldness tends to be on the dome and crown of the head, while women experience global hair loss.

Easy to use, Hairmax Headband is an FDA-cleared 100% medical-grade laser that treats the entire head and works in 90 seconds! Most other treatment devices take up to 1 hour to treat the whole head.

Hold on to your hat, though; the price is $795.00. More economical and a lot less painful than a hair transplant - which very often for women isn’t feasible because of thinning over the entire scalp which can make finding a donor site to harvest hair prohibitive.

Wishing You A Great Hair Day!

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1 Comment

Naaisha Austin
Naaisha Austin
Oct 03, 2022

Thank you for sharing these tips. I'm strongly considering getting the hair laser band. My edges!! I really appreciate this list.


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