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Top 10 Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Commandments

Proper skincare is a supermodel’s religion! Here’s this 56-year-old supermodel’s top 10 dermatologist recommended skincare commandments.

  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness, but never strip your skin of healthy bacteria. Science-backed gentle gel-based cleansers are the way to go for mature skin to lift-off dirt and makeup while protecting the skin’s essential probiotic layer.

  2. Mid-life can be a desert from the roots of your hair to the soles of your feet when it comes to retaining skin’s moisture. From Paris to Park Avenue, the best advice I’ve gotten from top-flight dermatologists:buy creams containing DEFENSINS. Defensins are the holy trinity of smart skincare ingredients, niacinamide to guard skin’s outer barrier, creating a plumper appearance, hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, and fragrance-free. Why fragrance-free? Because fragrance can potentially bind with other cosmetic ingredients forming formaldehyde.

  3. Serums made with waterless formulations packed with defensins, molecules that signal the skin's healing response helping to stimulate cellular turnover. On my dermatologist’s advice, I use serum from my forehead to my breast bone twice a day, because God knows we all need a little extra self-care once a week.

  4. Eye cream is a tenet of a well-maintained older woman. Laugh lines around our eyes tell the story of life well-lived. Distressed flaking skin around the delicate eye area is not the tale I’m trying to tell—the richer, the better when it comes to eye cream.

  5. Beware of DIY chemical or mechanical exfoliating, which can potentially irritate or create micro-tearing on the surface of the skin. Seek out creamy-textured sugar-based scrubs to gently slough-off and dissolve away dead skin. Investing in a high-quality scrub helps your skincare products absorb more deeply into the skin.

  6. Do unto your neck as you would do unto your face. Daily skincare should include a cream with a targeted formulation for both the neck and chest area.

  7. Using a silk pillowcase doubles down on the benefits of slumber. Unlike cotton, silk allows skin and hair to glide across its surface during sleep, helping to avoid the creation of permanent fine lines. Best of all, silk absorbs far less of the beneficial oils from our skincare than cotton, that’s the dream scenario when it comes to getting the most out of expensive skincare products.

  8. Sun Worshippers: You might love the sun god - but he doesn’t love you. Take heed and slather your body from dawn to dusk 365 days a year with a minimum of 30 SPF sunscreen.

  9. Thou Shalt Not Stress. BUT, when stress gets the best of you, get in the sauna or go for a run or jump rope and blow-off some steam.

  10. The Diet of Many Colors works wonders when it comes to maintaining skin elasticity and glow— eat the rainbow! The more brightly colored fruits and veggies you can pack into every meal, from avocados to tomatoes, purple berries to bright orange tangerines, your skin will pay you back tenfold with radiance.


Originally posted at DefenAge's Website.

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