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Skin Game: My Holistic Skincare Routine

Everyone has their holy grail product or 10-step routine. What’s my secret?

To keep my skin ready for photoshoots, or events, like the mid-western premiere of the Supreme Models Documentary, I make sure I stick to a holistic combination of the right products and exercise. You can’t glow on the outside without working on your inside. But sometimes - you feel like crap on the inside despite all your best efforts and that’s when your daily regimen does you a big favor.

Get your heart going.

I do 60-minutes of cardio 3 times a week. I know it can be hard to dedicate time for exercise if you’re busy, but it really helps to keep your body active. Move. Sweat. Get your heart rate up.

Working up a good sweat and settling down for some good sleep is 90% of the battle, but as we get older, and life gets more demanding, science-backed skincare products can help get you across the finish line.

Religiously use holy grail products that are dermatologist recommended and tried and tested.

My go-to essential is the DefenAge signature Clinical Power Trio for immediate visual results - I’m talking an instantly smooth radiant and glowy appearance that’s great under makeup. Long term, I’ve seen a steady improvement in the elasticity of my skin.

The Clinical Power Trio, which comes in both full and ready-to-go sizes, not only corrects visible signs of skin exhaustion, damage and aging; but it's full of Defensins. DefenAge’s patented Defensin-molecules awaken adult stem cells present in our bodies called LGR6 which facilitate healing and closing wounds. LGR6 stem cells have the specific job of creating the new smooth baby like skin that forms around an injury.

This holistic skincare routine is my secret to looking good everyday and the foundation behind looking great for big events.

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