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Microblading Touch-up with Piret, the Eyebrow Doctor

Time for my yearly microblading touch up with Piret aka the Eyebrow Doctor.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is an amazing semi-permanent technique that involves using a super fine blade to create delicate, hair-like strokes on the eyebrows. This process deposits pigment into the skin, resulting in natural-looking, fuller brows that last for up to a year or more. Imagine waking up every morning with flawless brows that require minimal maintenance? Exactly!

Our eyebrows play a major role in enhancing our overall look. Microblading offers the perfect solution to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows that frame the face beautifully. With my busy schedule, I'm often on the go, and having well-defined brows without the hassle of daily makeup application is a game-changer.

The precision and artistry involved in microblading ensure that my brows will perfectly complement my style, boosting my confidence and allowing me to effortlessly go about my day.

The Process

Step 1:

Numbing takes 20 minutes. While we wait, Piret matches my hair color with the tattoo ink.

Step 2:

Piret uses a hair thin blade to make feathery strokes along the brow line - the cuts are very very shallow - no deeper than a tattoo. It’s not painful. You can hear the scraping of the knife splitting the skin, but you can’t feel it during or after.

Step 3:

The tiny grooves mimicking the shape of a very full brow are then filled with a medical grade ink.

And viola! One hour later, we’re done.


  • Apply A & D ointment daily.

  • Keep brows dry for a week.

  • No pool or prolonged sun exposure for a week.

  • Sweaty workouts are not advised… but I do it anyway 😅 I just wear 2 headbands and keep a towel handy!

  • Results last up to two years with proper care.

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