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Positive Patterns: Spring Fashion in the Mix

Spring Fashion is here and I'm taking taking my cues from the boys. That means mixing patterns men's wear style and putting my own feminine spin on things.

A floral shirt makes my complexion brighter. These soft, pull-on, cropped, pin striped pants do the trick when it comes to making my legs look slimmer and longer. I added a couple of masculine bracelets and  chunky gold loafers. I think it gives the look a smart urban edge.

Make A Positive Change

It's the little things that make a big difference. I got a Misfit health tracker from Apple. It's the white bracelet that looks the a watch on my left wrist. Misfit links with my smart phone and makes me aware of how active I am everyday. It's under a $100.00 but the info is priceless.

Tip: Read Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. The book has helped me create concrete positive patterns in my daily life. My diet is better. I'm not bloated at all and I look and  feel better wearing my jeans. I'm more organized with work which allows be to be more creative and, most importantly, calmer.

I've been inspired by reading the book so much and I decided to take the author's advice to take the time every day and be thankful for three things. He recommends that one of those things be something small.

Giving thanks for small things that make my life better, like sunshine on my face, when my kids say thank you, or the smile in my husband's eyes when I know he's happy. If you don't take time to appreciate what you really have in the moment it's so easy to miss what's good.



Story x @VeronicaWebb

Photos x @FedericaPhotography

Styling x @ChadTuckerco

Makeup x @MarcCornwall

Hair x @JimmyHilton


Jacket x @Boden

Shirt x @Boden

Mini Backpack x @JulesKae

Pants x @Boden

Jewelry x @Lulu_Frost

Fitness Tracker x @Missfit

Loafers x @VanessaWu

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