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Little Ballers Indiana: Crystal McCrary and Skyler Diggins Take Nickelodeon by Storm

"Little Ballers Indiana", a three-part series premiering March 3rd 9:00 pm on Nickelodeon, follows an extraordinary group of 10-12 year old girls though a year long basketball clinic in Southbend Indiana under the mentorship of  WNBA superstar Sklyer Diggins and her dad, Coach Mo.

Written, produced, and directed by my lifelong friend, Crystal McCrary, a basketball mom herself, who used the hours driving her son and daughter to and from games and sitting in the bleachers into an opportunity to create this really inspiring series. "Little Ballers Indiana" is just as much about how to play the game of life, as it is about learning to play ball.

Here's a few gems that I took away from watching "Little Ballers Indiana" that will help me not only as parent raising girls, but also to better my own character and work ethic:

"There are times in life when my daughter is going to be the only one in a situation [who is looking out for her welfare] and she'll have to learn how to handle that."  - Karremah Kash's mom on how team work and athletics teaches girls to be winners instead of pleasers.

"These girls don't look to the media music videos and magazines and to see what they're not. They get on the court and develop the skills to prove who they are."  - Lisa Leslie Former WNBA Center and Four Time US Olympic Gold Medalist.

"Don't get mad. Get Better." - Coach Mo Diggins on how to handle problems when things don't always go your way.

'No matter what kind of violence was happening in the streets [when I was growing up] when we came together as a [basketball team] nothing could hurt us and no one could touch us." - Tyler Diggins on team work and the power of  girl power!

Tune in tonight! Set your DVR! Watch the series and spread the word!

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