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Cellulite Hacks: What’s Out There in Wellness Now?


I need a cellulite hack. “One thing you will never hear is ‘I love my cellulite” says Ashley Black, fitness guru and founder of Fascia Blaster an exercise regime based on set of claw like massage tools designed to help breakdown and rid the body of cellulite.

The Big Spill: What Supermodels Have In Their Handbags 👜


Do you want to know what supermodels have in their handbags? Think Face, Neck, and Hands! Protect I use sunscreen 365 days a year to protect the three most telling areas above your waist when it comes to skin damage and aging. Below the waist, it’s thighs, knees, and feet that are the most vulnerable […]

Vegan Lip Kit

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I love lipstick and so do my three teenage daughters! My girls try to keep their beauty routines as organic and cruelty free as possible.