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“Shut up and Cook!”A new cook book by my good friend Erica Reid is smart diet advice.

When I met Erica 20 years ago she couldn’t cook anything that didn’t come out of jar! Back then, Erica used to look to up to me in the kitchen; “Dang! Ronnie,” she would say. “You can make Thanksgiving dinner all by yourself!” Today, she is a chef and the author of multiple cookbooks. Now, I’m proud to say, it’s me who looks up to HER in the kitchen.

A Labor of Love

Erica’s transformation into a chef was a truly a labor of love. Her son was at death’s door at 3-years old when he contracted E.coli – a horrific form of bacterial food poisoning. He got it from a contaminated shipment of spinach.

Her young son while still a toddler, developed myriad and unpredictable life threatening food allergies as a result of the E.coli bacteria. To prevent her son from “dying innocently from allergies,” Erica became a student of nutrition. Day by day, she worked at learning to shop for prepare and cook tasty delicious food for her family until she made herself into a fine chef and a master of what she calls”modern, healthy recipes that anyone can cook and everyone will love.”

Chef and author Erica Reid peeling apples in her kitchen
The Smart Delicious Diet

Shut Up and Cook!

Her latest book Shut Up and Cook! Is a bible for families engaged in the struggle against food allergies. Allergies touch all of our lives through friends and family alike and I’m someone who likes to make everyone in my home feel taken care of and included in every aspect of the meals that I serve.

You don’t need to have allergy concerns to appreciate the smart diet advice in Shut Up and Cook! If you want to get religion about eating for daily well-being and making sure what you’re eating helps to improve your overall longevity, put some of Erica’s simple recipes into action in your kitchen. The outcome from the smart and doable diet advice in Shut Up and Cook! will change your life for the better and for good.

Erica is proof that anyone no matter how intimidated, or frustrated, can become an excellent cook. No matter what type of diet you were raised with you can transform your eating habits into a daily routine that like Erica says, “I eat to feel healthy and vibrant and naturally energized. I don’t want to feel sleepy and sluggish or struggle to start my day. Food can make you feel the way you want- or the way you don’t want.  It’s your choice. You have the power to make the final decision. So make it: decide how you want to feel and eat appropriately.”




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