Veronica Webb Model at Lord and Taylor wearing a black color block dress

Every time I go shopping, it’s such a personal thing. My friends ask me often if I go shopping a lot, and so do the readers at WOTF, when I’m getting ready for upcoming events. Truth be told, I don’t like going shopping very much.

I do love clothes and I love food, both of which require shopping carefully for in order to get good results. This is why I would never go shopping, for either clothes or food, without a budget plan and without a list in hand before I leave my house.

Veronica Webb in Yellow Lace Daisy Miss America Dress Color Block Suede Shoes Seated Neem Kahn Designer
Nice Dress for Amy’s Engagement Party

Shop with a Plan

Whenever I go to the grocery store hungry, or without a plan, not only do I over buy, but also buy things that not only I shouldn’t eat, but that are also often overpriced and often end up going to waste. Same thing goes for buying clothes, if I start shopping without a plan, I can be tempted and fall prey to buying overpriced unnecessary items that will end up unused and withering away in my closet. That’s just time and money wasted.

Veronica Webb Model wearing Oscar De La Renta purple ruffle dress in front of mid-century decor gold wall decoration
A Dress for My Daughter’s 8th Grade Graduation

Let Me Tell You A Secret

For me, making a good list before I go into a store turns shopping into a treasure hunt that’s more fun than frustration. Two of my biggest secrets for saving time and not breaking my budget?  Shopping well in advance of the time I’m going to need anything to wear from an evening gown to a new pair of jeans. The other best kept secret that both Parisians and the well heeled set on Park Avenue know?  Find a great sales person and stick with them. Shhh…. A lot of stores offer a free personal shopping service no matter what your budget is… I work with the complimentary personal shopping service at Lord and Taylor all of the time.

Veronica Webb sitting on couch in blue gala dress
White Tie Dinner with the Royal Family of Sweden


It used to be that when a sales person asked me “What are you looking for?”  or “Can I help you?” those questions made me so tense that my shoulders would tense up and rise up under my earlobes and I’d want to run out of the store as fast as I could – almost like the poor salesperson might have offended me somehow. Working with a real list and with a great sales person takes the hassle and the guess work out shopping and helps me to make better fashion and financial decisions.  Here’s my mental checklist for working with a personal shopper:

  1. Be Honest. Make a budget before you get to the store and stick to it.  It’s ok to say you only want to be shown things fit in your budget or that are on sale. Savvy shoppers do it all the time. God sales people respect you for it.
  2. Determine Your Best Asset. Decide which part or your figure you like the best and tell the salesperson you want something that shows off your best assets. (For me, it’s my shoulders and my waist.)
  3. Bring Your Ingredients. If you are buying something to go with a piece of clothing  that you already own, bring the garment that you’re tying to match to the store with you

Here’s my shopping list for the events on my summer calendar

  1. Formal Dress for Dinner w/ Royal Family of Sweden @ Brilliant Minds Conference
  2. Dress for my daughter’s 8th Grade Graduation
  3. Amy’s Engagement Party Dress
  4. Date Night and Garden Party Dress

Now that you’ve got  your list together and your budget down, I’m going to give you the name of one of my all time favorite personal shoppers Make your list. Make an appointment or just drop by.
Send me pictures and stories of your summer shopping adventures on social media or in the comments section here on WOTF.

Happy Shopping!




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