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Way to Go! I'm Traveling Light

Sweet Escape! A Quick Hop on Plane, Train, Boat or Automobile Can be a Treat When You Travel Light

I don't travel as much as I used to, like when I was on a full time jet set supermodel schedule before my kids were born, but, when I do travel, I have to do it in style. My girlfriend Jess, who's a fashion writer, turned me on to Anatomie an American company that makes clothes that are literally "designed to fly".  Packing light and keeping things simple with a no hassle wardrobe while I'm on road is the chicest way to go. For me that means lightweight no fuss no wrinkle clothes that I can layer easily, wash in the sink and go away for a week with almost everything in a carry on bag.

Going My Way? If You Want to Fly to Burgundy or Land On Broadway....

This warm weightless parka looks equally chic or city streets or on the hills of wine country of Burgundy in France.

When I hit the road, I don't want to be relegated to a sweat suit or leggings in order to feel comfortable.  These cigarette leg pants by Anatomie made of  a high performance fabric and tailored to perfection do triple duty for my travels.  These travel slacks look like trousers, breathe and stretch like leggings, and hold up like jeans. I've taken a flight, done a speaking engagement, and worked out in these pants and the mesh Buddah top all in the same day.  The reason I could accomplish this fashion feat is because I can rinse the clothes out in a hotel sink and the material dries in twenty minutes  -  wrinkle free I might add. I would have loved to have had these clothes when my kids were babies, it would have made looking nice while going to work and playing on the floor with the kids day in and day out a lot easier.

Decoding The Look: Burgundy and pink are still going strong tip to toe as a color combination this season. It's the mix of textures here that keep this outfit from being  too monotone. The wooly hat contrasts beautifully with this satin finish on the windbreaker and the fringe detail on the cross body bag breaks-up the smothness of the all the other materials while still looking sleek.

Lean on Me

It's all about an updated puffer jacket this winter. I like this one because it's easy to pack for travel and it's got enough polish to use it for evening wear. Embellished slippers add the magic touch to any getaway wardrobe. Never under estimate the power of glitter to cast a glamourous spell and any outfit, so don't hesitate to throw a pair of magic slippers in your bag. I brought this pair twelve years ago, and they still look as fresh and stylish as ever. That's probably why the style has never been discontinued.

I'm always up for an adventure whether  it's urban or exotic I'm always game to go.  I love the feeling of getting up pre-dawn and heading out to the airport for a new assignment somewhere.  This look could take me anywhere in the world and there's still so many places I want to go that I haven't been.  The subtle pin striped detailing on the pants makes them look formal and the slim cut of this fabulous safari jacket looks as sharp as a suit jacket when you pair it with nice jewelry and interesting heels.

Tricks for Travel: I always take a vitamin D before I get on a plane to boost my immune system. Antihistamine helps to keep nasal passages dry to prevent germs from the recirculated air from sticking to the inside of your nose and throat. and developing into a cold. My doctor told me that a glass of water for every hour in the air is essential to stay hydrated.  Lace your shoes loosely so you can slip them on and off at security. My favorite new luggage is from Radun  each bag has a smart tracker built in that transmits the exact location of your luggage to your smart phone. You never know when you might get that nasty surprise when the airline asks you to check your luggage at the gate.



Photos  @FedericaPhotography

Stylist @ChadTucker.Co

Makeup @MarcCornwall

Story @VeronicaWebb


Market Bag Stacie

Skyler Skinny Pants 




Shoulder Bag


Kenya JacketComing soon for spring 2017. Available 2/15.

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