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VI Peel with Dr. Michelle Henry

If you’re looking to upgrade the tone and texture of your complexion and combat hyperpigmentation, I definitely recommend trying the VI Peel.

Dr. Michelle Henry, a triple board certified dermatologist and plastic surgeon who heads her own sought after practice at Skin and Aesthetic Surgery of Manhattan performed the non-invasive outpatient peel to stimulate cellular turnover brighten and smooth the appearance of my face and neck.

Here’s how it works

20 minutes in the doctor’s office. Safe for every skin tone from darkest to the lightest complexions. No needles or lasers just the VIP solution applied to the face in several passes. It kinda smells like collard greens, not so nice, and it warms and numbs the skin like sipping cognac - that part is very nice.

Here’s how it feels

No pain. Lots of gain with this particular peel.

I’ve used other peels that had an ouchy burning sensation on my skin from the first touch. VIP peel looks like bronzer and left my face and neck looking radiant and buttery smooth to the touch right as soon as I left the doctor’s office. VIP peel includes a tube of SPF 50 sunscreen that has to be applied immediately afterwards to guard your newly sensitive skin against sun damage.

Here’s what happened next

3 days later my face started peeling like a snake. Huge sheets of skin lifting away revealing smoother brighter liking skin beneath. Areas around the nose and mouth can feel sensitive, but the tube of VIP post repair cream included in the treatment helps to soothe the tightness and itchiness that can be associated with a deep peel.

Here’s my results

Eight days is after one treatment and my melasma and fine lines are definitely looking significantly reduced. To the touch, my face was like a baby’s bottom. Was my melasma 100% gone? No. Did I feel way better walking around without makeup? Yes. Did the application and appearance of makeup improve after VIP peel treatment? 100%.

Here’s my verdict

10 of 10 would recommend it and do it again.

If you book an appointment with Dr. Henry and get the VIPeel done, let me know how it went! If you want to see more beauty content, feel free to let me know what I should try out in the comments below.



story x @veronicawebb

skin x @drmichellehenry


To book an appointment with Dr. Henry (212) 870-8778 or

120 East 56th Street

Unit 1500

Manhattan, NY 10022

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Tamara Chloé
Tamara Chloé
Aug 02, 2021

Thanks so much for extensive review. I wished I lived in NY, because I would head straight to Dr. Henry's office. Her website looks great. I will be on the hunt for the same treatment here in The Netherlands now.

xo Tamara Chloé



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