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Vegan Lip Kit

I love lipstick and so do my three teenage daughters! My girls try to keep their beauty routines as organic and cruelty free as possible.

I got to be a hero to my girls when I found Lip Tar, a liquid lipstick from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, or OCC for short. OCC, hits the trifecta for conscious consumers. 100% vegan. Organic. Made in the U.S.A.

The texture and coverage is a dream for a beauty junkie like me. OCC's formula is loaded with dry oils that produce sheen shine and staying power, as well as essential fatty acids in the added ingredients of hemp, castor and the refreshing addition of peppermint oil.

Liquid lipstick is beautiful, but a little tricky to use until you get it down to a routine. Here's what works for me...

1. Always use lip liner! Lip liner is like a sandbag that keeps your lipstick from seeping up under your nose or out of the corners of your mouth. I like to stick to nude liner as a rule because it's never obvious like Tricky from OCC. It's inevitable that liquid lipstick will end-up on your teeth so make sure to check your mirror occasionally :-D

2. Layer! Layer!Layer! The joy of liquid lipstick is that a great opaque formula like this one is like using oil paints. This brand is a favorite among the pros because the formulas lends itself to mixing custom colors together or laying a second color down on top of your base lip color to create gorgeous highlights for pouty lips. Memento and New York Groove, pictured here, are my favorite colors.

3. Pro Tip To Swear By: Lip primer for a big day like a photo shoot for me or a wedding or when I'm running around and I don't have time to touch-up.

P.S. Nude lips call for a brighter cheek color, so go on an indulge in that pop of color! I'll keep you posted.



Story x Veronica Webb

Photos x Federica Photography

Styling x Chad Tucker

Makeup x OCC Makeup

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