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Up Your Pajama Game

Webb On The Fly is dedicated to my passionate pursuits of how to dress beautifully without breaking the bank, feel fit without living in the gym, pig out and get away with it, and most of all how to use my time and resources a little more wisely, so I can spend more time doing what I love with the people who I love the most. Let's start off with stepping up your pajama game.

My new motto is, "Relaxing at home with my family can be the most glamorous event of the day!"

I've made a decision to honor my too often overlooked opportunity to hang at home with my husband and kids by getting dressed up for it with the same focus and excitement as I do when I get dressed to go to work or out for dinner.

HARD STOP! I ditch my apron and sloppy sweats the minute I’m done with fixing dinner and doing the dishes.

Getting dressed to chill definitely  kills my mood for housework and makes me appreciate what I should be doing - relaxing. My new attitude helps me get to bed earlier and sleep better.

GET CUTE! I took a page out of my friend Erica's book...

She always says, "I don't care about getting my hair done or putting on makeup"  but when she goes to bed she makes sure her hair is brushed, her sleep clothes are pretty and, of course, her slippers are cute.

Elegant is the New Sexy

Cardinal Rule Number One: Choose natural fabrics to let your skin breathe. My secret to sexy PJ's is that they should be silky and roomy, which is sexy and nicely tailored which is elegant. Those two things equal always looking both alluring and appropriate for hanging out with the family.

Invest in Staying In

We  don't have go out and spend a fortune to have a fabulous date night. One gorgeous pair of pajamas is a joyous investment. Beautiful pajamas can be worn everyday and in so many different ways. You'll see me remix and restyle nearly everything I feature on my blog, because the hallmark of a truly stylish woman is finding a few things you love and wearing it a million different ways.

Day for Night

I keep a sleep mask handy 24/7 so that I can sneak in a catnap between answering emails or when watching TV gets dull.

I've been telling everybody to check out  the bedtime setting  from the new iOS7 iPhone update the next time you set your alarm! The Bedtime setting dims your screen down to a golden light that’s more restful for your eyes and brain and helps us to track our sleep.

Words and Music

Treat yourself! Have a "Staycation!" Streaming Bossa nova music on headphones and reading about fashion history are two of my favorite escapes.



Story x Veronica Webb

Photos x Federica Photography

Styling x Chad Tucker

All Clothing x En Avance Miami x Magda Gomes x Maison de Pappillion

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