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Think Spring! Fashion Looks Ahead

I'm thinking "Spring!" Call me a climate denier in the middle of "Snowmagaddon",  but I'm thinking about the bold tropical prints and luscious colors of the season ahead.

It may have been the "Summer in January" beach party thrown by my friends at Keihl's that made me catch spring fever, or was it this super cute Cabana striped dress (with a price tag that's even cuter) paired with the Tory Burch mules that I wore to the party? Or could it have been the perfect sized handbag that Tory says was also inspired by a style mash-up of Bob Marley sprinkled with some fairy dust inspiration from Babe Paley who was one of the chicest one of the chicest socialites of the  20th century that got me ready for a spring fling?  Well, of course it was!

You know I'm crazy right? It's 20 degrees out!

It makes you feel vital and alive. You only go around once, don't you? So why not wear the colors that we love, but might feel skeptical that maybe we can't wear bright yellow or orange even though we crave the vibrant energy those colors splash all over us when we see them.  Stripes, especially in a slimming chevron pattern like this one, are the easiest way to bring a rainbow into your wardrobe and your world.

One of my resolutions for this year is perfecting the art of staying in and feeling at peace. Small things give me peace; like moving my favorite chair into a sunny spot in the living room and reading a good book. A dash of jungle red nail polish on my fingers and toes chases the winter blues away. Bold prints, like this Bird of Paradise on a chic black background, makes staying at home special and going out on a warm evening in the months to come a breeze.

So while temperatures drop and the snow falls, lift your spirits by getting ready for the bright days of spring ahead. Hat hair will be over soon enough. Now's time to think about highlighting your hair. Lamé is one of the most glamorous and light weight fabrics a person could ask for in a pair of hostess pajamas.

I love these two pieces because they work all year. You can use them all year round for holiday and resort dressing. They look as clever on the 4th of July as it does on Christmas Day. This set breaks up nicely with jeans or a pencil skirt, a halter or a lurex turtle neck. Pretty and practical, that's why I give these shiny stripes a gold star.



Story By @VeronicaWebb


Makeup @MarcCorwall


Earrings Karine Sultan


Dress ASOS

Belt H&M


Lounging Set Marta Cucciniello


Hostess Pajamas Georgine

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