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Spring Fashion Keeps On Running! Half Marathon Countdown

Feeling Fierce! Forget the snow and the cold! I'm looking forward to spring fitness and spring fashion!

I'm fighting off the cold and chasing away the chills by stretching when ever and where ever I can. Here at WOTF, our team is totally focused on prepping for Shape Magazine's half marathon in just 44 days from now.

I'm proud to be leading the team. We have so many different fitness levels between all of us. Team WOTF of six includes four first time marathoners, some of whom will be walking and some of whom will be running the 13.1 mile course through New York City. One thing I do know, is no matter what your current fitness level may be, if your getting into shape, out of shape or dealing with an injury like I am right now, don't let anything hold you back from getting stronger and achieving your goals. A little stretching every day goes a very long way in a short time.

Flexibility is the key to strength and agility - physically and mentally. If you ever dreamed of running a marathon you can do it if we can do it!

Grab your co-workers or your best friend #squadgoals, or go solo #perosnalbest, but all you have to do is limber up and put one foot in front of the other until you get to where you want to go. Write and let us know how you're warming up and what your fitness goals are for spring!



Story x @VeronicaWebb Photos x @ApexCreativeNYC Styling x Makeup x @Marc_Cornwall Hair x @JimmyHilton

- Hat x @HatAttackNY Denim Jacket @DL1961 Top x @Chromat Leggings X @Chromat Sneakers x @ TorySport

- Windbreaker x @DanWardWear Hat x @HatAttackNY Sweater x @Boden_Clothing Leggings x @LysseFashion

- Hat x @HatAttackNY Denim Jacket @DL1961 Top x @Chromat Leggings X Chromat Sneakers x @ TorySport

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