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Spring Fashion Countdown: Little Changes, Big Results

Three Things I'm Doing Now To Get Ready for Spring

1.Go six days without carbs and the seventh day, usually Saturday, is my cheat day. Fave Cheat Food? French Fries!

2.Drink 1.5 liters of water in a day. Smart Water is my favorite. It's the easiest to drink and has a lot of electrolytes. Being fully hydrated regulates my appetite and cuts my cravings for salt and sugar.

3. Use A Fitness Tracker. I've been crunched for time and working out a lot less than I'd normally would, so I got a fitness tracker to help me find ways to add more activity to my every day routine. It helps make me conscious to always  try to take the stairs, or to literally find a minute to hold a plank position for sixty seconds. I don't have an excuse for not finding the time and who wouldn't trade sixty seconds to get a stronger healthier body?

No Carbs. Lots of Water. Fitness Tracker. Those are three small, doable changes changes I've made. In a few short weeks, these changes have helped me to create positive patterns that have shifted not only my health but my POV in a positive direction.



Story  x @VeronicaWebb

Photos x @FredericaPhotography

Styling x

Hair x @JimmyHilton

Jacket x @Boden

Shirt x @Boden_Clothing

Pants x @LysseFashion

Jewelry x @Lulu_Frost

Fitness Tracker x @MisFitwearables

Loafers x @VanessaWu_Official

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