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Remix and Restyle: The Sweater of The Season

This long elegant wrap sweater does it all for me. I love finding something I can remix and restyle for any mood or occasion.  That's why when I saw this soft cashmere three-quarter length cocoon, I said , "Wrap It Up! I'll take it!"

If you have a favorite something that you wear over and over send me a note and post the photo in the comments section of the blog. True style is finding something you love and wearing your way everyday all the time.

Model off duty/ Mom on duty

I use this sweater as a a bathrobe around the house when I'm relaxing with my husband and want to look elegant. I use it as an easy cover-up over work-out clothes or running errands and it's one of my go to travel pieces for both comfort and style.



Story x Veronica Webb

Photos x Federica Photography

Styling x Chad Tucker

Sweater x En Avance x Maison de Pappillion

Sunglasses x Urban Outfitters / Berhard Whilem

Leggings x Bandier

Sneakers x APL

Shirt x Spiritual Gangster

Bag x Joanna Maxham

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