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New York City Street Style Spring Fashion - How To Wear Hip-Hop Style Now

As Biggie Smalls once said... "To All The Ladies In The Place with Style and Grace."

I don't know about you, but Hip-Hop and New York City street style have been part of who I am, and how I like to dress, since I started buying my own clothes with the money I earned from baby-sitting jobs. Fast forward a few decades - I'm still down to rock the rawness rebellion and the relaxed attitude that define Hip-Hop style for my generation and high fashion for my kids who are part of this current generation.

Everyday, while I'm getting dressed, I think about how I can extend my Hip Hop fashion roots into a fully grown sophisticated and sexy style. A giant hoodie is the answer to my weekend prayers of what to wear for just about anything and everything. Go all out for night and dress up an XXL sized hoodie with rich layers of chains and charms.

Throw on some luxe leggings with heels for night and you're chic and simple in a second. For those days when you don't know where the day might take you, when you could be going on anything from errands to an adventure, still go for the gold, but pair the hoodie with boots or sneakers for the day. Cardinal rule? Don't forget the bling!

These Are The Breaks! Do It Big With Pattern On Pattern For the Modern Take On Hip-Hop


CREDITS Story x @VeronicaWebb Photos x JennyRisher Styling Makeup x @Marc_Cornwall Hair x @JimmyHilton

- Hoodie @XulyBetOfficial Gold Chains x @SusannaGalanisjewelry Watch x @shinola Bracelets @amyheilbergjewels

- Jacket x @XulyBetOfficial Dress X @XulyBetOfficial Necklace X @SusannaGalanisjewelry Watch x @Shinola

- Necklace x @SusannaGalanisjewelry Mesh Hoodie X @XulyBetOfficial Bikini Top x @magdagomesbeachwear Pants X @ElectricLoveArmy Chinchilla Jacket x Shoes x @HeleneWestbye

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