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New Year's Eve Dress Like A Billionaire on a Brainy Budget: Things That Make You Go Bling

You don't have to be a billionaire, a celebrity, or best friends with a designer to dress like a star.  Here's how to get the perfect drop dead gorgeous dress for New Year's Eve or any night of the year you want one.

Dress Like A Star

I found this out just the other day... Whenever I stop by my husband's office at, they're always buzzing about something new and noteworthy in the realm of acquiring and up-cycling precious jewelry and luxury fashion on-line.  The latest is Couture Collective, where you can literally go on the site and buy time shares in designer clothes right off of the runway for a fraction of the retail price.

When I heard about it I was like, "Are you kidding me? This is Heaven!" If you're a busy fashionista with an eye not only for value, but also for conserving both natural and personal resources, organizing your wardrobe through a virtual closet like the one Couture Collective offers is for you.

One Night Only, Sold Out: An Unforgettable Showstopper by Gucci

Couture Collective, Co.Co for short, was founded Founded by Sallie Girodano, a savvy New Yorker, with a long established career in publishing and interior design because she realized that most women only wear the big "WOW" designer looks and average of only three times.

Personally, I think it's really sad for any great dress to sit in a closet season after season unworn, it's a waste of space and money. Couture Collective provides a really good alternative. The online membership is free. Each dress has a maximum of five shares available for a buy in at twenty percent of the retail price. Once five people buy into shares of  the dress the item is considered sold out and only appears in the private virtual closets of the members who brought the shares.

This Dress Has the Energy To Party Until Dawn!

I know I look forward to my upcoming speaking engagements, presentations for the blog, social events, school functions and, hopefully, somewhere in there, a romantic evening, but I never look forward to the last minute scramble of finding something to wear.  So, instead of panicking over what to wear when the big day comes, you just use you the calendar on Couture Collective's site to book the clothes during your the limited time share. You can check-out your dress  up to seven times during the seven month season.

Like Cinderella, the clothes arrive on gorgeously packaged on the appointed day right at your front door. You wear it. You wow in it. And forty-eight hours later, the dress gets picked up and dry cleaned for an additional fee by Couture Collective and impeccably stored until it's booked again.

You can even have a showstopper  of an evening gown for a one night only rental at ten percent of the retail value. And here's a really smart idea for fresh start to the New Year; you can trade in any watches or jewelry you no longer want to wear anymore with my husband's company DELGATTO,  simply text a photo and brief description of your items to 646 798 5250 or send an email to and his expert staff will answer you back with an immediate estimate.

If you do decide to sell, you'll get a credit at Couture Collective that can be used towards giving your wardrobe a whole new life for the  New Year.

Kiss 2016 Goodbye & Kiss The New Year Hello!

Thank you for visiting Webb On The Fly! I'm Wishing You All A Very Happy Healthy And Prosperous New Year!



Story @VeronicaWebb

Photography @FedericaPhotography

Stylist @ChadTucker.Co

Make Up @MarcCornwall


Evening Bags @SondraRobertsny

Dresses Curtesy of Co.Co.

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Dress Gucci


Dress Gucci

Evening Bag @SondraRobertsny


Dress Emilio Pucci

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Dress Prabal Gurung

Maudiere @SondraRobertsny

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