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My Trip To Victoria's Secret... Oooh La La! Paris When It Sizzles!

There are some invitations that you just can't turn down! One of those would be flying to Paris to sit front row at Victoria's Secret Show right?

I mean who would say "No?" I walked the runway in the very first ever Victoria's Secret Show at the Plaza Hotel in New York City twenty one years ago and it was one of the proudest and most hard earned bookings of my career. The discipline it took for me to reach the fitness goals still helps me today when I work out and think about what's the healthiest way to eat.

So, when the VS team and reached out and asked me to attend, I grabbed my husband, stashed the kids with relatives, called the glam squad, and hopped aboard my favorite airline, La Compagnie, packed my essentials from OnePiece and off we went to the City of Light.

I love Paris! It's so intensely beautiful the skies are so bright and clear and the 17th and 18th century buildings are like confections on top of a wedding cake - it's eye candy no matter which way you look. I lived there from the time I was nineteen to twenty- one  when I started working as a model I get such a hopeful and proud feeling every time I go back, because is where I first tasted success in my professional career.

It's even sweeter to return to Paris with my husband standing shoulder to shoulder to continue building my career as I head into my third decade as a model - I can't believe it sometimes that modeling has lasted this long and that it's still this good.

Pas De Deux! A Night Out In Paris!

Off the plane, we dropped our bags at the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  They have an excellent staff and a crazy delicious room service menu. I highly recommend the Nasi Goerg rice dish, by the way. Then we headed out immediately to see my dear friend, who is like my father, designer Azzedine Alaïa, to get something special to wear to the VS show that evening. Azzedine, as always, was in his studio working and welcomed us with open arms  into his  "magic closet" that is more like an enchanted forest filled with one couture masterpiece after another.

Light On My Feet! Alaïa Heels!

Once I find the shoes then I can get the dress. My motto for a big night out is "Kill for Comfort. Live for Style" and that happens from the ground up! If  I want to have a fairy tale evening my shoes have to make feel like dancing all night long. These stilettos cast a spell on me.

Ring My Bell! Mambo, Salsa or Freestyle Give Bell Shaped Sleeves a Whirl For the Holidays!

Metallics get the party started right! This is one my favorite trends for the season and I love how the geometric print gives the dress a jolt of restraint and sophistication. If you notice my hair is long and light since the last time I posted? I put in some blonde high lights at Hair Rules and some blonde extensions from Hair by Andrea to bring more light to my face when the flash bulbs went off and light up the night even more.

I Walk The Line Tasteful. Sexy. Daring.  Those three words sum up the trifecta for dressing for a big night on the town.

This dress was such a smart choice for the VS Show! Flirty. Sexy Sophisticated. If it were up to me, I would have never even tried on this dress, thinking it was too daring or too young. You know it's right when both your husband and Azzedine Alaïa, who designed this dress and who's also like the father figure in my life, both pushed me beyond my somewhat conservative comfort zone and convinced me to break out in this smashing new look. I had already gone blonde for the occasion so why stop there?

Pretty In Pink: Let Glamor Be Your Guide

It's been a while since I've been in Paris and I had the good fortune to work with an awesomely talented glam squad. They asked what I wanted and I replied simply... "I'm going to one of the most glamorous events on earth. Do what you do best please." They set to work curling, twirling and highlighting.  Exactly ninety minutes later, and a lot more make-up than I would dare to wear in real life, I walked out the room with my husband looking like this......

This was my look for a fast round of press interviews and quick glass of champagne at the ultra private cocktail before heading off the the VS Show at Le Grand Palais in Paris.


Here I am off to the show and thrilled to be returning as one of the original Supermodels to have walked the runway.

You'll have to read about the rest of what happened in my diary on

Until next week!



Photos @audreywnent and @annesophie_soudoplatoff

Stylist @magswelly_vi

Make-up @guewenglossy

Hair @alexisrosso


Jacket @onepiece

Hat @spiritualgangster

White turtleneck @ralphlauren

Black overalls @onepiece

Sneakers @toryburchsport

All dresses, purses, shoes @azzedinealaiaofficial


My husband's clothes

Jacket @onepiece

Jeans @agjeans

Sport jacket @tomford

Jeans @dl1961

Shoes @lefaux


Special thanks to Nei PR Paris

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