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Must Visit: Common Thread Savannah

When I tell you Savannah is enchanted, it runs through everything they do - the air, water, and food.

If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, Common Thread is a revelation in low-country gram-to-table Southern Cooking. The flavors come from the four corners of the globe, but the taste, tang, and textures are uniquely Southern.

The chicken with crispy rice salad was so juicy and tender that I swore they plucked it and cooked it over an open fire when we arrived, it was so super fresh. Short ribs are done with a nod to Korean BBQ melted on the tongue they were so tender - blackberry compote reminded me that I was in the heart of Georgia.

Common Thread staff loves people as much as they love food - our server spent 15 minutes talking to us about the extensive wine list that included Red White, and “Skin Contact” wines. It’s a thing - where orange and green wines (also a thing) get their flavors and color from contact with the skin of the grape.

Still kind of working that one out - but it was delicious.

10 of 10 I’ll go there anytime I pass through Savannah, and I’ll be sending all my friends too.


Common Thread

122 e 37th st, Savannah, GA. 31401


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