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Miracle Butter Cream Goodness

Sharing Mama Sita's Miracle Butter Cream with you because it was sent to me and I love it. Organic, rich, nourishing small batch oils and body butters whipped up with love and entirely without nasty artificial stuff, this blend of mango coconut and shea is a star product.

From my scalp to the soles of my feet I found a million useful ways to play with the product. Any of the formulas are perfect for oiling your scalp, or microwave a little for a hot oil treatment.

The body butter (in the beautiful blue tub) is super easy to use for adding extra shine and control and preventing breakage to your hairline.

You can continue the body butter blessing right down to your toes my friend.

Rich, lightweight and super moisturizing it absorbs fast and leaves your skin glowing. If you have eczema like me, the body butter is a soothing God send.

Extend the life of you mani/pedi - use the body butter as a nightly cuticle cream before bed. When you clean the house slather your feet and slip into cotton socks to rehydrate cracked heels.

A little dab of body butter works as a makeup remover too, followed by gentle soap and water.

Ultimate luxury here is the Creme de La Creme face oil infused with rose hip oil, vitamins A, C and E for brightening healing and toning.

Black owned clean beauty products are perfect for Mother's Day! Shop today at

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