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Meet Me At The Museum!

Going to a museum is like going to the grocery store. To be healthy, I need my weekly visit to the storehouses of culture.

It's necessary to feed my soul and nourish my creativity in the same way my body benefits from food and water. As a rule, I try to build-in an "art break" as part of my normal errands. Whether it's a quick lap through a small gallery or an all day outing to one of the major museums, it could be five minutes or five hours- as long as I get there - it's all good.

Right now, at the Museum of  The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, there's a fabulous exhibit on the History of Black Fashion Designers. Over the last year, besides being granted the privilege of contributing my personal couture ensembles and speaking on an audio program that is now part of the permanent exhibit, I learned some really wonderful things to do with fashion.

An outfit from my archives that is part of the permanent collection at FIT Commes Des Garçons Jacket Alaïa Bustier and Leggings Pierre Hardy Heels

Did you know that Ann Lowe, who designed Jacquline Bouvier's dress for her marriage to President John F. Kennedy, was a black woman? Or that the space suits for the Apollo One Moon Mission were finished with hand stitching by a group of African American women?

The clothes on display in the History of Black Designer exhibit are stunning. The history and the and the insight into creative minds of designers such as Olivier Rouatang, Balmain, Tracey Reese, Mimi Plange, Xüly Bet, and Duro Olowu makes for some awesome inspiration.

Here are some photos of my favorite highlights from the show.

Ann Lowe wedding gown for Jacquline Bouvier's wedding to President John F. Kennedy

Xüly Bet Faux Fur Vest



Story x @VeronicaWebb

Photos x @FedericaPhotography

Styling x

Makeup x @MarcCornwall

Still Life Photos Curtsey of The Museum @FIT


Dress @TracyReece

Bag @MiuMiu

Shoes @HeleneWestbye

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