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How to Wear Color

So, you want to wear colors, but you’re intimidated? I get it. I wasn’t always the color addict that I am today. From late teens through my 30’s, you really wouldn’t catch me out wearing anything but black.

Don’t get me wrong, black is super chic and it will NEVER leave my wardrobe, but I got tired of wearing black as my default color because I didn’t know how to mix bold colors and patterns into my wardrobe.

What made me color my world, from my walls to my wardrobe, was noticing how my mood would change (usually for the better) when I would see a woman walk into a room decked out in feminine joyful colors.

Get started with what colors bring you joy.

Orange is the color that gives me life! Being able to throw on something orange as easily as I slip into a pair of sneakers took me kicking out old ideas, like “don’t buy that it’s not practical”, “it’s so specific”, “it doesn’t go with everything”. If you think that way, I sure used to, you’ll dwell in the neutral land of black, white, gray and beige forever.

Summer is The Season for Color

Accessories like hats, scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry are the simplest way of injecting a shot of brilliant color into your dull fashion routine. It’s also a way to get a lot of mileage out your fave new color without breaking the bank.

If you’re “colorphobic” start with earrings or a swimsuit in a bold hue – see how it makes YOU feel and how other people react to the color when you wear it? Did the color lift your mood? Did you get a lot of compliments? If you feel good then give yourself the green light and go for it!

Life’s too short not to add some color.

Here’s the symbolism behind all the colors of the rainbow:

Red: Passsion, Power, Courage, Lust,Loyalty.

Orange: fascination, the tropics, encouragement.

Yellow: attention, hope, spontaneity.

Green: Life, Growth, Wealth, Wellness

Blue: Abundance, the unknown, solidarity, spirituality.

Purple: Nobility, Extravagance, Ambition.

White: Renewal, Relaxation, Rehabilitation.

Black: Elegance, Formality, Authority, Mourning, Humor, Commitment

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