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Go For The Gold: New Face Masks That Make You Glow

When it comes to beauty products, I have to confess - I'm a gold digger all the way! Bella Schneider Beauty, a spa based in Palo Alto California, makes a gentle and thorough gold mask called Carats of Gold.

I have tried and tested Carats of Gold mask for the last six months. I have to say that it's quick, easy, and works like a dream to minimize and clean up excess dirt from my pores. The mix of hyaluronic  acid, carrot seed oil, and moisturizing Shea butter also plumps and smooths the skin and helps in reducing dryness and fine lines.

As a bonus, and I don't think I'm imagining this, the mask leaves a very sheer, gorgeous, golden sheen that adds a subtle radiance to my skin when I don't feel like wearing foundation. Remember, don't let gold slip through your fingers. Our hands need love too, so I like to use the mask for its healing and anti-aging properties on my hands as well whenever I get a chance.  



Story  x @VeronicaWebb

Photos  x @ClassicKidsManhattan

Styling x @ChadTucker.Co

Makeup x @MarcCornwall

Necklace x  BetsyJohnson

Silver Collar x  Swarovski

Swimsuit x @ Cote d'Or

Carats of Gold  x @ BellaSchneiderBeauty

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