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Dry Brushing: A Step-By-Step Guide + The 3 Best Skin Benefits

Here’s everything I know about dry brushing so far:

One: It feels really good.

Two: Affordable as it is effective this 5 minute DIY self-care treatment takes care of all my dry skin an ingrown hair issues.

Three: Science unanimously agrees that dry brushing increases circulation to the skin.

Skin is our body’s largest organ - our first line of defense against free radicals and pathogens, so now - perhaps more than ever before during this long COVID Winter, it’s time to give all of your skin a helping hand.

Ancient Ayurvedic medicine is the mother of dry brushing. The theory is using a stiff bristle brushing completely dry skin, starting at the tip of the toes, with upward strokes towards the heart stimulates the lymph system by aiding blood flow back to the heart. You can shower after brushing or follow up with a natural fragrance-free oil like coconut or sesame.

Personally, I feel like dry brushing is a cup of coffee for my skin. It wakes me up, reduces muscle soreness post workout, and gets me pumped and primed for the day or feeling relaxed and ready for bed.

Some people claim dry brushing breaks down cellulite, and though the practice may momentarily lessen the appearance of cellulite, there’s no science confirming that claim. Not everything in beauty is about how you look, some things, like dry brushing, are about how you feel.



Story x Veronica Webb

Dry Brush x EcoTools

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