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DIY Eyebrow Lamination

When eyebrows start to thin and fade it’s a beauty disaster. Quick fixes like dying your brows at home can bring your brows back to life in as little as 15 minutes.

Reflectocil, available at Amazon, was recommended to me as an efficient, and basically foolproof, at home way to cover grays, tame curly runway hairs and make my brows appear thicker.

The Prep:

  • Gather everything you need.🤔

  • Tinting solution 🙄

  • Developer 😎

  • Small dish or lid for mixing product

  • Latex gloves to protect hands from staining 🧤

  • Cotton pads for prep and clean-up

  • Q-tips just in case🤓

  • You color outside of the lines

  • Magnifying mirror if possible

The Process:

  1. Wipe the brow area clean with water 💧💦

  2. Mix tinting solution according to package directions 🧬

  3. For precise placement of the product use the skinny end of the small wand that’s included in the kit. 🧫 🧪

  4. Wait 10-15 minutes ⏰ depending on how dark and how straight you’d like your brows to be.

  5. Carefully remove with DRY or barely MOIST cotton pad. Be careful though, because too much wetness and you’ll wash the dye away.

  6. Give the dye 24 hours to really set before washing your face or having a sweaty workout.

As a model, I learned from the best of the best when it comes to makeup tricks and tips.

Here’s a few things that you may not know about your brows:

@Garren, the legendary hair dresser behind @lindaevangelista, @naomicampbell and @mileycyrus’ tresses told me that great haircuts key off of the shape of your eyebrows. Repetitive plucking of your brows permanently thins-out the hair in that area.

According to @alluremagazine, growth cycle for eyebrows is anywhere from 4 to 12 months.

Want to speed up eyebrow growth? @Dr.MicheleHenry a New York City dermatologist recommends adding a targeted hair growth vitamin supplement like @nutrafol to tour daily routine.

The Eyebrow Doctor, who is the fashion world’s most sought after eyebrow guru, who knows all information when it comes to microblading, swears by laminating brows to maximize lushness and density. Curly or wavy eyebrows can tend to look thinner or un-groomed simply because hairs grow in every direction plus they don’t lay down flat.

So, for those of us dying for those @Zendaya to-die-for brows you could pop into a salon like @anastasia or @blinkbrowbarlondon and let one of the pros hook you up for about $60.00 - $100.00

Results last about 3 weeks on average.

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Tamara Chloé
Tamara Chloé

Landed on your blog and love your content. I am about the same age as you, and I also write a blog for girls our age. I'm not sure if I am as handy as you are with doing my own brows, because you did an amazing job. Thanks for all additional brow tips Veronica😊

Love from Amsterdam.

xx Tamara Chloé


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