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A Brilliant Start - Beauty For A Healthy Shiny New Year

Let's get 2017 off to a brilliant start!  "Optimism" that is my singular resolution for the year ahead. Here's my winter beauty check list for keeping things shiny and bright all year long.

Naturally glowing skin. Body bronzer. Easy hair. A Bright Smile. Glittery nails in a snap. Dramatic lashes. Metallic makeup that will put a twinkle in your eye...Those are a few of my favorite things.

In the deepest parts of winter, I love to feel like I'm glowing inside and out. Dull skin from being bundled up in cold weather, not to mention looking and feeling dehydrated by central heating is downright depressing.  There's an easy fix for ashy chapped skin that I use all of the time.

I add one cup each of baking soda and epsom salt to my bath water. It's a simple elixir that never fails to relax my muscles and restore my skin. It's like taking a quick dip in the ocean without having to go anywhere.  Mini-manicure mania has swept over my household.

When it's too cold to go somewhere to get my nails done, I go into DIY mode. I push back my cuticles while I'm soaking in the tub or as soon as I jump out of the shower and then rub in an essential oil like vitamin E or coconut oil  at the base of my nails.  Once I'm all dried off, I put a quick coat of glittery polish that dries in about sixty seconds and I'm off!

Silver Linings and Golden Eyes Mixed Metallics: A Rich Combination For Fashion and Beauty

WOTF collaborator, makeup artist Marc Cornwall says the key to luminous skin is exfoliating. A teaspoon of sugar added to any face wash is a natural and effective way to slough off dead cells. For this look Marc created an all over eye base with the Tom Ford duo of cream and powder shadow. We intensified as time went on by layering over one another again and again to get the desired effect.

Marc says, to be careful with metallic shadow on the brow bone, because it can look hard or too obvious. A trick is to put a little dot of highlighter perfectly in line with your pupil, in the exact arch of your eyebrow, for an opening effect. I'm in love with lashes. Throw on a pair anytime you need a pick me up. If  you're only going to do one thing, I say make it lashes. Remember, just because the holidays are behind us, don't let the bright spirit fade away. Indulge yourself  by adding a little sparkle in honor the day you've been given.

Here's to a bright and beautiful 2017!


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