Hello Spring Make Up! Bye Bye Contour!


Want to know what’s happening in spring makeup right now? From the streets to the runway and back again, the look du jour is elevated no-makeup makeup. Fashion has kissed the highly stylized Kardashian-inspired highlighted and contoured cheekbones chiseled out with the use of specifically designed makeup palettes all too numerous to count goodbye for […]

Brklyn Face & Eye Dr. Jeanniton


Sometimes you just get that great phone call, like when Dr. Jeanniton of Brooklyn Face and Eye invited Webb On The Fly team to come and get the works in her townhouse office overlooking Prospect Park. Dr. Jeanniton is a board certified oculofacial plastic surgeon trained in reconstructive surgery who has a holistic Zen-like approach […]

Hoop Dreams : Big Hoop Earrings Fall 18


Got hoop dreams? This fall big hoops earrings top the list of #bossbabe accessories. Think Beyonce in Lynn Bahn mega hoops cascading down to her shoulders on the cover of last month’s historic Vogue cover. J-Lo giving you mega watt “Jenny from the Block” diamond door knockers when ever she steps out to take her […]

Glow Like J-Lo: Inglot Make-Up Review


I haven’t been to Vegas to see J-Lo yet – but it doesn’t matter because I’ve got her essence right here in a jar. J-Lo’s makeup collab with Inglot gives you that Isla-Bonita via Vegas glow, with a couple of megawatt products.

On Target? Black Beauty

Target is fast becoming the mass-market hub for black-owned beauty brands. Customer demand for high-quality products with a luxury feel aimed at a black and brown audience—ticketed at drugstore price points—has been pent up for decades. This is in response to shifting demographics as much as customer needs; by 2028, the majority of Americans 18-25 years old […]