Microblading. It’s the latest supermodel beauty secret for regaining big beautiful, bushy eyebrows.

My brows have been seriously thinning out for years due to shape-shifting from plucking, tweezing, waxing – you name it . I’ve done it all in the pursuit of beauty following fashion.  Truth be told, I would do it all again too, even with knowing that I would pay a price.

After 30 years, it’s come time to pay the bill for thirty years of plucking. And now, with the grays that are now sprouting from my eyebrows, I wake up feeling like my face looks as smooth and bald as an egg. I admit I did this to myself, ok. I’ve tried dyeing my brows – never natural looking enough for me though and I do a great job filling them in myself with pencils and powders which takes a good 15 minutes and doesn’t last through swimming or a workout.

Filling in my brows everyday made me feel like I was on a hamster wheel and a wheel that I needed to get off of it. I needed a simple one time solution. To find an answer I got on the phone and talked to every beauty professional from hair colorists to pedicurists, because I needed someone or something to come to my rescue. That’s when I discovered microblading.

The Art of Microblading
The Fallout and Aftermath of Plucking Your Brows

The Eyebrow Doctor

Enter the Eyebrow Doctor, the lovely Piret Avva, who is the best in the business at microblading. The art of microblading is a form of  semi-permanent makeup which originated in Asia about 30 years ago. Today, you can find microblading on every corner of the globe, because it’s such a convenient solution and looks so natural that it’s UNDETECTABLE when performed by a gifted microblading artist like The Eyebrow doctor.

You’ll have to dig into your wallet because mircoblading is an investment. It runs between $300.00 -$600.00 depending on what part of the country you live in and the category of salon you choose for your service. The results last from as little as six months and for up to as long as three years. The most important thing before you get into this, because it does last so long, is finding the eyebrow shape of your dreams.

You can work with a microblading artist who can pencil in a shape for you at a consultation that you can continue to repeat at home to be sure the shape is right for you. Another option is to play around and go to the makeup counters and visit the different brands and have their makeup artists create brow shapes for you. I highly advise using different shades of powders and pencils to fill in your eyebrows before you commit to a permanent color.  What you want to achieve is an eyebrow shape that makes your forehead look lifted and your eyes appear larger. Take lots of pictures to share with the microblading artist you’ve chosen when you decide to go for the appointment.

Your First Appointment

Let me tell you can anticipate at your appointment. You’ll get numbing cream applied to your eyebrows while you fill out the medical questionnaire. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have highly sensitive skin conditions like rosacea or eczema or are prone to keoloid scars on your face, microblading is not advisable.
Even though I’m prone to keloids when I scar on my arms legs and body, I do not get keloids on my face.
The Eyebrow Doctor numbed and sterilized the area around my brows and drew a diagram with pinpoint markings outlining the shape of the eyebrow area to be filled in ink in my choice of shade.  I’ve been practicing my dream shape for years now, which is basically how my brows were as a kid and exactly the way my teenage daughters brows look now. Once the numbing cream took effect we were off to the races.
I’ll be honest, it hurts a little bit to get this done. It up there with a tooth cleaning, skin resurfacing and getting your hair cornrowed. It feels like getting scraped with a sharp stick. But the pain becomes a memory when in about ninety minutes when it’s over and you have beautiful brows.
The Art of Microblading

The Process

The way the process works is akin tattooing except, instead of a needle that punctures and deposits ink to the deepest layer of the skin that remains permanently. Microblading uses a micro thin triple blade attached to a handle, or as in the case of the The Eyebrow Doctor, the handle she uses is a glittering wand to perform her magic. The triple blades are dipped in a non toxic semi-permanent ink that deposits superficially beneath the skin each time blades score the skin of the brow bone. Every stroke is the exact width of an eyebrow hair and placed in the direction that the hair naturally grows. The delicate eyebrow hair is gently parted out of the way , as not to cut or become damaged in any way. The controlled wounding of precision microscopic incisions can also possibly trigger hair growth as a result.

The Art of Microblading

The Amazing Results

The picture above was taken literally five seconds after The Eyebrow Doctor finished working on me. The results are clean and immediate. No bandaging, bleeding, or downtime. There is some simple aftercare involved. I did have imperceptible scabbing on the skin under my eyebrows, which everyone experiences as a normal result of the procedure. An antiseptic ointment needs to be applied to the brows for seven days, during which time the eyebrows need to remain dry. The ointment creates a barrier that allows you to shower, carefully wash your face, and workout without getting your brows wet.

A follow-up visit is recommended after 30 days for touch up and additional color matching if necessary. I haven’t had my follow-up yet, but I’ll keep you posted on here on WOTF.

I can’t put a price on having eyebrows that look perfectly groomed.  It makes me look like I’ve got on the perfect natural makeup on because of the uncannily natural symmetry and precision the brow shape brings to my face. The fullness microblading produces lets me dye my hair darker shades. When I’m on set for a photo shoot or out on the town, I can have a lot more fun adding extensions. Thin or graying brows are a tell for dyed hair and extensions if the color and fullness don’t match up with the hair on your head.  Perfect brows also minimizes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and especially between the eyebrows.

I’m still working on regaining my natural brows. I’ve moved from plucking to threading to clean up the stays as they start to return and I’ve been using Peter Thomas Roth’s Brows to Die For growth formula to help with regrowth.  It comes in a dual wand, the tinted brow gel  for daytime and the clear liquid by night.

I swear to you, no one can tell I’ve had it done. The best compliment I get is “You look so fresh! You must have caught up on your sleep!”

You can contact the eyebrow doctor at for an appointment she is based in New York City and visits Los Angeles and Miami regularly. Drop me a line I’d love to hear answer your questions and hear about your experiences with mircroblading!

Drop me a line. I’d live to help answer any questions and hear about your experiences with microblading.


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